Thank you for choosing Link Software Programming. We greatly appreciate your trust in us. Below, you'll find some of the authentic reviews from our clients who've experienced the transformative power of our work.

At Link Software Programming, we take pride in providing top-notch IT services and support to our valued clients. Here's what some of our clients have to say about their experiences working with us:

Bruce H. - Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer

Location: Silicon Valley, California

Bruce, a highly accomplished mechanical and manufacturing engineer, shares his experience with Ahmed's assistance:

"My name is Bruce. I am a mechanical and manufacturing engineer at a large company in Silicon Valley, California. I have acquired a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters in Engineering Management ....... I am very pleased that I have met Ahmed ....... I have been able to design programs that are mathematically eloquent, logically sound, and that are free of syntax errors. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ahmed for anyone that requires help in IT. Ahmed has been helping me design efficient programs that include understanding of variables, lists, conditional statements, loops, functions, and theory of probability. 

I like the fact that Ahmed merges the curricular of universities that include Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Stanford. Ahmed’s presentations use videos, audio, graphics, and PowerPoint, all of which have been very helpful.

Ahmed has a strong command of the English language as well as the computer languages. Ahmed combines an impressive knowledge of mathematics, history, politics, and sociology. 

....... Python opens numerous opportunities in one’s academics, professional and personal life. Python can be incorporated into Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and other software. I am looking forward to future training in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks."

Nahla K., C.E.O. of a medium size company in California, U.S.A., stated:

"Thank you so much ....... We really benefited."


Tasha W. wrote:

"Excellent .......Thanks!"


By Ella P.:

"Excellent!!! Already recommended him."


Hector V. is a network engineer. He stated:

"Great detail ....... ! Ready for the rest."


By Puzant K. is an inventor with several patents. He stated:

"I cannot say enough kind words about Ahmed. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is also patient and kind....... I could not have been luckier than to have him as my instructor. In a word, he's terrific."


Aaliyaa J. has been pursuing a career in computer science. Aaliyaa shares her journey of exponential improvement in algorithms and computational skills:

"Thank you! ....... "


M. Jakir is an engineer. He wrote:

" ....... Very beneficial."


Aaliyaa J. continued to reflect on her interaction with Link Software Programming:

"My algorithms have been improving exponentially. This allowed me to devise very strong foundations as I navigate the complex field of Computer Science. I have been refining my computational skills in conditional statements, loops, mathematical logic, functions, tracing syntax errors and tracing logical errors."


Valerie F. is a Linguist. Valerie expressed her gratitude for Ahmed's assistance in utilizing programming simulation for linguistic studies:

"I have been pursuing my career in linguistics. For the past six months, Ahmed has helped using programming simulation in linguistics. I hope to continue using Python Programming for my linguistic study in the future."


Hector V. went on to state:

"I am a network engineer. I started with Ahmed about 5 months ago ....... Ahmed has been helping me navigate through complicated computational concepts."


Hector V. went on further stating:

"I am a network engineer ....... Technology is changing at an amazing speed. I wanted to expand my knowledge in Python, Java, Java Script, C, R, and other programming languages. I also wanted to combine programming algorithms with computer-aided design. And I wanted to know more about artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning. Ahmed uses distinct methods to explain complex concepts. He also uses powerful analogies to demonstrate difficult abstracts. Ahmed has been assisting me with designing programs that yield hundreds of trillions of outcomes."


These reviews among other reviews underscore our steadfast commitment to delivering excellence and our resolute dedication to empowering clients to realize their ambitions in the dynamic realms of IT and programming.